This Graphic Of Adam Lanza's Home Arsenal Is Devastating

The Sandy Hook shooter had this shocking amount of weapons and bullets tucked away into the house he shared with his mother. There's absolutely no reason for anyone to have this much ammo.

The warrant released represents everything found in Adam Lanza's house that he shared with his mother as well as his car. However, the paperwork had a lot of errors. We tried to re-create the list of items seized to the best of our ability.  

"Numerous" bullets were found scattered throughout the house. Because there's no way to know exactly how many there were, they're represented by the bag of bullets on the graphic. 

Also, the size of bullet boxes is relative to the amount of bullets that were in each box. So a small box represents 10 bullets, a medium box has 20 to 30, and the big boxes represent 50 bullets. 

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