Yesterday, Nick Jr. did the best (or maybe the meanest) thing ever. They brought Steve from Blue's Clues out for a personal video chat, and in a mere two minutes, got millions of millennials chest deep in their feelings.

It's been 25 years since Blue's Clues came onto the kids' educational programming scene, and those who enjoyed the original show are fully in the "adulting" stage of life now. Those who grew up with Steve remember when he left the show to go to college, and he just popped into everyone's timeline to let them know that he remembers them, too.

But the simple message from Steve goes deeper than that. It touches on the challenges of adulthood, especially for millennials who are in the thick of the career/family stage and navigating that stage through severe economic, environmental, and social upheaval. And it does so with the unique and cozy comfort only our childhood icons can provide.

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