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Pam's little brother is so sweet.

Pam has a little brother, who recently learned that he is actually her half-brother.

Of course, half-siblings are still very much siblings, but Pam's brother doesn't quite grasp the concept yet and seems upset about having to part with 50% of his sister.

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Finally, there’s a disposable diaper that's safe for your baby and the planet

Healthybaby disposable diapers are made from 100% organic cotton.


Healthybaby cotton diapers

When it comes to diapers, most parents face a difficult choice. On the one hand, traditional disposable diapers are terrible for the environment, and can contain chemicals that may pose serious health risks. On the other hand, parents still need diapers that actually work and are convenient to use. And most healthier, eco-friendly diaper options don’t meet those criteria.

But with all the science and technology available to us, surely somebody can figure out how to make a disposable diaper that’s safer for babies and the planet, right? Well, here’s some good news. Thanks to a company called Healthybaby, today there is a healthy and environmentally friendly diaper solution.

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Ethical, lab-grown diamonds are good for your wallet and even better for the planet

They’re identical to traditional diamonds but without the negative environmental and societal impacts of mining.

Image via Unsplash

When you think of diamonds, what comes to mind? For many, the jewels are a sign of opulence and wealth. For others, diamonds are a symbol of love and commitment. But for those who are worried about the planet, diamonds can represent something far more sinister: exploitation and environmental degradation.

Diamond mining, especially in Africa, causes soil erosion, deforestation, and overall ecosystem destruction. And that doesn’t even factor in the human toll. Although the industry has taken steps to improve the situation, African diamond mines are notorious for their low wages and poor working conditions. But despite the negative publicity, global diamond jewelry sales are now worth more than $72 billion annually.

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The average diet book doesn't work because the average person doesn’t exist

That’s why the world's first fully-personalized wellness book is customized based on your specific needs.

Image via Beyond Body

Not all diet books are the same

We all know it’s important to maintain a healthy weight. But a “healthy weight” can mean different things to different people. To make matters worse, the proliferation of weight-loss fads makes it even harder to cut through the noise and find a plan that’s right for you. So it’s no wonder most people have difficulty reaching and maintaining their weight-loss goals. But what if there was a nutrition and exercise book designed to meet your specific needs and not those of the so-called “average” person? Well, thanks to Beyond Body’s personalized wellness book, there is!

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