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Why Upworthy is essential

Reading stories about good things happening in the world can shape how we perceive and interact with the people around us. We're proud to play an important role in creating a world rooted in human decency, love and compassion.

Our community agrees!

Just reading the comments on this post makes me feel like I've met a lifetime of kind strangers myself ❤️ - Katy C.

This is kind of social media that I like. That reminds me of the human experience and makes me feel grateful to be part of it. - Ari C.

We all need to be reminded of kindness in the world. Especially now. Thank you. - Sarah B.

Well, if this post doesn't encourage people to go that extra mile for a stranger in need, nothing will. You see, this just shows that what you do every day really does make a difference to the world! ❤️ 😍 - Rowena H.

These are the kinds of posts I'd like to see a lot more often on my feed. - Rose B.

This is the antidote for too much anger and hate in the US right now. Should be prescribed for everyone to read! ❤️ - @swampmallow

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Upworthy’s first book is now available for pre-order

GOOD PEOPLE: Stories From the Best of Humanity is a much-needed trove of life-affirming stories handpicked from our community of millions that will leave even the most unlikely reader feeling better about the world.

Coming out this fall with Disney and National Geographic.