Golden Years

Gen Xer shares some timeless advice for Gen Z.

Meghan Smith is the owner of Melody Note Vintage store in the eternally hip town of Palm Springs, California, and her old-school Gen X advice has really connected with younger people on TikTok.

In a video posted in December 2022, she shares the advice she wishes that “somebody told me in my twenties” and it has received more than 13 million views. Smith says that she gave the same advice to her partner's two daughters when they reached their twenties.

The video is hashtagged #GenX advice for #GenZ and late #millennials. Sorry older millennials, you’re too old to receive these pearls of wisdom.

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13 side-by-side portraits of people over 100 with their younger selves

These powerful before-and-after photos reveal just how beautiful aging can be.

Centenarians — people 100 years or older — are a rarity. Their lives are often scrutinized as holding the key to aging.

Czech photographer Jan Langer's portrait series "Faces of Century" shows them in a different light: as human beings aged by years of experience, but at their deepest level, unchanged by the passing of time.

In the series, Langer juxtaposes his portraits with another portrait of the subject from decades earlier. He recreates the original pose and lighting as closely as he can — he wants us to see them not just as they are now, but how they have and haven't changed over time. That is the key to the series.

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Playground equipment isn't just for little ones.

Playgrounds can be a lot of fun.

Kids love them. Parents are into them because physical activity is good for kids. (And let's be honest: It's also because we know they'll sleep well later.)

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Woman's reaction to finding out she's turning 100 is so wholesome and relatable

"Son of a gun! I don't feel 100. Wow…I feel maybe 50…55, maybe."

Photo by Xiang Gao on Unsplash

A 100th birthday is a big deal.

At some point in our journey through life, we realize that our body is far older than our inner self feels. I recall talking to my grandmother on her 80th birthday and hearing her sigh over the phone before telling me, "I don't feel 80." I understood exactly what she meant. In my mind, I've been 24 for the past two decades.

Apparently, that gap between how old we are and how old we feel only gets wider as we get older, as demonstrated by a centenarian grandmother whose reaction to finding out she was turning 100 went viral.

Chelsea Dornan shared a video on her Instagram page of a conversation she had with her grandma leading up to her 100th birthday. At first, the woman seemed surprised to find out she was going to hit triple digits soon, but then she confirmed what year it was and did the math herself.

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