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love stories

via Dorilee and Sean Lavin (used with permission)

Sean and Dorilee Lavin feel complete.

Dorilee Lavin, 39, was a divorced mother of 3 living in Vermont. When she was ready to find her next relationship, she made a list of characteristics she wanted in her next husband. “I manifested him hard,” Dorilee, 39, told Today.com.

Three days later, she saw a tall, dark-haired man named Sean walking his 2 daughters to school and hoped he was single. “It was the sweetest thing ever, like an image you’d see in a magazine,” she recalled. "They had such a happy energy."

After some research, she discovered that he was single, too. Unfortunately, their paths didn’t cross and the school year was nearing its end. "I never got the chance to connect with him, but the [after-school care] was tired of hearing me talk about him to them," she confessed in a TikTok video with over 1.7 million views.

“'OK, Dorilee, we can't have you be bummin' all summer, so we're gonna give him your phone number,” she recalled them saying.

#stitch with @Jackie Gansky 


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So, on the last day of summer break, the employees at the after-school care program agreed to give him her phone number. Before he got the digits, she ran into him while she was leaving the center and didn’t think she made a great first impression.

“It was total verbal diarrhea. Like no pickup lines, no nothing here. I actually thought I scared him,” Dorilee shared in the video. Luckily for Dorilee, she didn’t. About an hour later, he texted her and they agreed to go on a date that Saturday night.

They eloped in the woods 111 days after their first date. Dorilee believes she “manifested” Sean, he thinks he may have done the same for her.

“I later learned he had a dream of a woman with long dark curly hair and a captivating energy,” she told Today.com. “Then, when he saw me, he was blown away because I was the woman from his dream. I didn’t believe him when he first told me the story, then he showed me the texts. He had messaged his friends about the dream.”

Dorilee still can’t believe that her metaphysical request was honored. "It hit me hard about two months ago that I'm literally living the life with a partner I called in from the universe years ago and I balled like a baby,” she wrote in the comments.

Their kids get along very well and they’ve worked hard to create positive and peaceful relationships with their exes.

blended families, dorilee sean lavin, happy famileies

The Lavin clan with Sean's mom, Tracy Gandin.

via Dorilee and Sean Lavin (used with permission)

Dorilee and Sean told Upworthy that there are 3 “vital” elements to creating a successful co-parenting relationship: clear communication, open dialogue and always acting in the best interest of the kids.

It’s also essential to leave the past in the past.

“Letting go of any premarital resentment and leaving that in the chapter of your marriage is what helped us move forward with positive co-parenting,” Dorilee told Upworthy. “Raising kids isn't all cupcakes—it can be difficult when married, but there's a whole different aspect after divorce. None of the members of our parental party talk poorly of the others. We don't want to in any capacity have a child think there's any part of them we wouldn't love because they are partly made of the parent we divorced.”

It’s also worth noting that Dorilee has a rather charming name for her ex-husband, with whom she shares co-parenting responsibilities. She calls him her “wusband” (he was my husband).

Even though Dorilee and their family have created a happy and emotionally healthy second chapter in life, there are some who still think she had to employ stalker-style tactics to get her man, an accusation she denies...sort of. “Is it really stalking if I didn't follow him and just made myself available to bump into him at pickup, though?” she wrote in the comments.


Bride who was given 6 months to live celebrates 'miracle' anniversary 20 years later

"For those living with cancer - keep hoping, believing, dreaming."


Clare Runacres didn't expect to make it to her one year wedding anniversary.

Back in September of 2023, BBC newsreader Clare Runacres celebrated 20 years of marriage with her husband Mike Ramsden. Like many folks in the modern age, Runacres commemorated the milestone by posting a picture of her wedding day onto her social media pages.

While of course two decades of marriage is lovely in its own, it turns out there was even more for Runacres to celebrate. A “miracle,” in fact.

As she explained in her post, the picture was taken only six months after discovering that a cancer she had been diagnosed with during college had returned. What’s more, it was aggressive, with zero options for treatment.

As she explained in her post, the picture was taken only six months after discovering that a cancer she had been diagnosed with during college had returned. What’s more, it was aggressive, with zero options for treatment.

The news prompted the couple to marry immediately, and despite the harrowing news, their special day was “beautiful,” Runacres noted, surrounded by love, tears, friends and dancing til dawn.

But you don’t have to take her word for it, the pure joy is evident in Runacre’s photos. Take a look.

The BBC star told Daily Mail that although she did undergo surgery to remove the new cancer, just before her wedding day her doctors still told her she would probably only have six months to live.

Runacres and her beloved didn’t think they’d make it to their first anniversary. And now, at their 20th, can’t help but get emotional when she sees images from that day.

“Mikey, thank you for taking a chance on me. You're the best person I know. You are my miracle,” Runacres concluded in her caption. “For those living with cancer - keep hoping, believing, dreaming.”

Indeed, Runacres’ touching post inspired optimism to those going through their own difficult health challenges—be it themselves or a loved one.

Take a look as what readers shared:

“This brings me so much joy! My 5 yo has cancer. There’s a 35% chance it will return by the time she’s a teen and the medications are not kind on her poor little body. To have hope in a future like this is beyond words.”

“I’m 4 years in remission of stage 3 bowel cancer, constantly worrying about it returning and reading your post has made my heart sing with hope.”

“As someone diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer 4 months ago, this post has brought me so much joy and hope. Thank you for sharing ❤️”

Others contributed. their own miracle stories. One person commented, “my mom got diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer…October 2009…She’s still here. Cancer free. I thank God for healing and using the doctors and treatment , her survival rate for 5 years was 1%.”

Another added, “I was given 48 hrs to live in fall of 2018. Jokes on them! I’m still here! Don’t ever give up!”

While feelings of hope might not technically change a person’s chance for survival (though many survivors have attributed a key part of their success to optimism), studies have shown that positive thought can at least improve the quality of life for someone dealing with cancer.

And really, on a more universal level, none of us really know how much time we have on this planet. We can do all the “right” things and still get sick. We can receive a life-threatening diagnosis and live on for years after. So hearing stories like this reminds us to treat each day as a precious milestone. And that maybe we shouldn’t hold off on the celebrating.


Doting husband serves as stylist for his wife of 25 years and it's the sweetest thing

The way he talks about "Flower"—his nickname for his wife—is a testament to lasting love.

Talk about an adorable couple

If there's one thing pretty much all humans love, it's love—love that works, love that lasts, love that inspires. Literature is full of love stories filled with heartache and heartbreak, but we always hold out hope that a relationship will not only endure but blossom.

Such a love feels rare enough that we marvel when we see it, which is why the Motivat family has gained a loyal following on Instagram. The elder Motivats (Dr. Jones and Dr. Beatrice) have been married for 25 years, and their daughter shares their sweet interactions on the Instagram account @queenmotivat.

One of the hallmarks of the couple's long-time love story is that Dr. Jones loves to pick out clothes for his wife. And not just any clothes—beautiful dresses and gowns, along with jewelry to go with them—and his enthusiasm for seeing "Flower" (his nickname for her) dressed up is incredibly sweet.

But equally endearing is how much Dr. Beatrice looks forward to dressing up for her husband—her "Honey"—as well. (It also helps that Dr. Jones sounds like he should be narrating every audiobook and nature show with his deep, soothing voice.)

Watch this:

And here is Dr. Beatrice showing off the fuschia dress from the beginning of that video:

(Seriously, guys—buy a woman a dress with pockets and she will never let you go.)

People just love seeing Dr. Jones express his love for his wife, not only in words but in deeds.

"He has set the bar so high, I can’t even see it anymore 🥲," wrote one commenter.

"I’m enamored by their marriage," wrote another. "I really want to love someone THIS way. Just like this. Be completely engulfed in their humanity. Wow. It’s so beautiful to see 🥹."

"Mass produce this gentleman asap and protect the original at all cost," wrote another.

"He seriously needs to cloned. The time he takes to make things perfect for his Queen 👸🏾 is astounding. He is truly amazing!" shared another.

The mutual adoration shows in every video:

Here's to long-time love that blossoms with time. See more of their lovely, loving relationship on Instagram and TikTok.


The look on her face says it all.

The dating world might be constantly evolving, but true romance is timeless. That’s why viewers young and old alike are swooning over a 78-year-old man’s heartfelt airport proposal, one that was 60 years in the making.

As reported by a local Fox affiliate, Dr. Thomas McMeekin had been “admiring” Nancy Gambell from afar since they met in high school in California. Ultimately, despite going on a few dates, the pair went their separate ways by going to different colleges and marrying other people. Aside from running into one another at their 50th high school reunion, McMeekin and Gambell never pursued one another.

That is, until 10 years later, as their 60th high school reunion approached.

In Tampa, where McMeekin works as a dermatologist, his staff had seen him “acting like a giddy fool” all week long. McMeekin revealed that Gambell personally reached out to say that she was “looking forward” to seeing him again, which inspired him to arrange a "surprise" for when Gambell landed at that airport.

Surrounded by conspiring office workers there to capture the sweet moment, McMeekin approaches Gambell with flowers, a necklace with both of their birthstones and a smile from ear to ear. They share a warm embrace, then McMeekin walks Gambell over to take a seat, where he gets down on one knee (propped up by an adorable pillow) to propose.
@angelial.fedrick3 Rekindled love after 60 years! ❤️ There’s hope for us all! Congratulations Nancy and Dr McMeekin ❤️🥰🤗#DrMcMeekin #AAD #dermatology #truelovestory #retirement ♬ original sound - Angelia L. Fedrick

“Nancy, It’s been 60 years since we first met. Fifty-six years since we first dated. Ten years since I saw you last. And 20 days since we reconnected. You have always been the one I’ve had a crush on since your cheerleader days, which brings a smile to my face, that makes my heart skip a beat. For the last three weeks, I have thought of you every day, every hour, and I’ve longed to see you again…You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner, a lover and a friend,” McMeekin tells Gambell as he pops the question.

Honestly, the teary look on Gambell’s face, the squeals of delight from McMeekin’s staff, McMeekin’s voice breaking as he pours his entire heart out—it all belongs in a rom-com. The video received praise from millions of online viewers who were reminded that love could come in any chapter of life.

“I bet they see each other as they were in high school. Remembering all the fun they had. Beautiful,” one person wrote.

Another added, “They were meant to be…When two souls are meant to be they will find each other.”

Indeed, even those of us who don’t believe in soul mates or destiny have witnessed, or possibly experienced firsthand, those moments when the heart seems to know the exact right next move. Following those impulses is often both exhilarating and a little frightening, but boy does it remind us of how wondrous life is.

And as McMeekin and Gambell have shown us, it can happen at any time, to equally beautiful effect.