A Million People Watched A Person Die On The Internet. Here’s What We Can Learn From It.

It would be nice to live in a world where people are valued for their hearts and not their skin color. But we don’t, and if you ever had any doubt about that, poet Shyla Hardwick is about to set you straight. Get ready, this might be the most powerful moment of your day.Trigger Warning: There's nothing graphic in this video, but it does reference a gruesome scene.

There's A World War Happening Online Right Now. And You Might Be A Mercenary In It.

Feeling a little meh about protecting your online life from hackers? Think you don't have much to hide? Turns out a weak password can accidentally make you a mercenary for malicious organizations and actions in real life. That means by not taking care with your online identity, you could be accidentally shutting down websites with strong independent voices, influencing political events, or silencing opposing voices in media around the world.First, watch this video about exactly how it works, then check out the map below to see where attacks are happening right this second.

This crazy, overwhelming graphic is the path of hackers attacking servers of sites around the world in real time.

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If You've Ever Wanted To Hug The Internet For Being So Swell, Here's Where It Is

When you think of the Internet, you probably don't think of the actual places that hold all your data. Or of the very few companies that own those spaces that your data lives in. Let that sink in for a sec, and see if you start to look at the physical and virtual spaces a little differently — and value your ability to access that information a little more.