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Victoria Fine


A Million People Watched A Person Die On The Internet. Here’s What We Can Learn From It.

It would be nice to live in a world where people are valued for their hearts and not their skin color. But we don’t, and if you ever had any doubt about that, poet Shyla Hardwick is about to set you straight. Get ready, this might be the most powerful moment of your day.Trigger Warning: There's nothing graphic in this video, but it does reference a gruesome scene.


Environmental Benefits Aside, This Looks More Pleasant Than Honking And Yelling Out The Window

This is one of those straightforward GIFs that both makes you sad about your life choices and gives you hope for the future. Use that feeling wisely — carpool or take public transportation. (Your swear jar and the earth will thank you.)


FACE the facts (see what I did there?): The me me me generation is a little more self-aware and driven than anyone else likes to admit. So if you know a someone who loves to mock millennials by pulling out that Time cover and waving it around ... again ... point 'em to this chart, especially the parts in green.


He Used To Live Off The Land. So What Made Him Pick Up A Chain Saw And Go At It?

That buzz saw you hear is actually the sound of a beautiful act of preservation. Every time I hear one now, I think of what I could be doing for my future kids.