Every time his kids say "Dadosaur," this dad turns into a dinosaur, and it's absurdly hilarious

We all need a little levity in these trying times, and since we're largely sequestered to our homes, viral videos have become temporary saviors of our sanity. Since the pandemic started, we've seen talking dogs and dancing dads and time traveling comedians lift our spirits and make us laugh.

But these Dadosaur videos we're about to show you? Oh my goodness. They're so outrageously silly. So over-the-top ridiculous. And yet they are just so endearing and hilarious at the same time.

TikTok user @olivemannella is the daughter of Frank, who instantaneously transforms into a screeching, destructive dinosaur any time one of his kids says the word "Dadosaur." And he GOES for it, much to the delight of his children—and the dismay of his wife.

Joey C. Miller shared a few of the videos on Facebook, and they've been shared 500,000 times in two days. Just watch:

@olivemannella No Karen's were harmed in the making of this video... the saga continues 🦖 @frankiemannella @clmannella @elliemannella ##keepingbusy ##dadosaur ##fyp
♬ original sound - olivemannella

@olivemannella Dadosaur takes out the trash... almost 🥴🦖 ##dadosaur ##stayhomestaystrong ##keepingbusy ##fyp ##foryoupage @frankiemannella @clmannella @elliemannella
♬ original sound - olivemannella

@olivemannella Dadosaur ruins Easter pictures 🙄 ##happyeaster ##fyp ##foryoupage ##petlife ##dadosaur @frankiemannella @clmannella
♬ original sound - olivemannella

Despite Mom's earnest protests, you know this is one of the reasons she married the guy in the first place. Any man who can have this much fun and make this much of a mess of himself just to make his kids laugh is a keeper.

Keep bringing the silliness, Dadosaur. And if you want to follow for more dad fun, head over to @olivemannella's page on TikTok.


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