As schools around the country are shutting down due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of parents have found themselves plunged into the role of homeschool teacher for the foreseeable future. And not everyone is feeling prepared for—or thrilled with —this development.

In solidarity with other parents, comedian Branalyn Shropshire posted a 'mother's desperate prayer' to YouTube—a humorous take on a sentiment shared by many moms and dads right now.

Here's a taste:

"Father God, I am your humble servant. What I am NOT is a math teacher, God. Lord God, the spirit of Common Core has attacked our household, and right now the only thing we have in common is frustration and no answer to the math problem..."

You will laugh. You might cry. But if you're reeling from the sudden shift to homeschooling your kids and feeling like you may not get through this social distancing period with your sanity in tact, this prayer is for you.

Let us pray:

A Desperate Mothers' Prayer

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