It Got 1 Woman Through College And Let Another Sleep Till 2:00 P.M., But That's Just The Small Stuff

*super-serious doctor voice* Instructions for optimum enjoyment: Get out your preferred birth control method. Watch video. High-five as needed. You're welcome.

Holy guacamole. That was fun, right? We sure thought so — that's why on #ThxBirthControl Day (aka Nov. 12), we partnered with Bedsider for an #UpChat all about celebrating birth control and the freedom it provides!

Unfortunately, that awesome Twitter chat has already happened (ugh, time! Foiled again!), but we collected the entire thing here for you, just in case you wanted to experience the magic. Why dontcha press play again so you have a sweet jam to listen to while you learn? Just a suggestion! Check it out:

Bedsider Thanks Birth Control