People were a little shocked when NFL All-Pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall shared some tough news.

Wait. This guy??

That's some wide receiving right there.

Well, here's the thing about football players. They *know* tough.

They risk their bodies on the field.

When they get knocked down...

...they get back up.

They fix what's broken. Even when it's something they can't see.

They step up.

And by stepping up and getting help,

they change the game.

That's tough.

Touchdown, Brandon Marshall.

That's Brandon Marshall. Catching a football with one hand — all casual-like— like the gosh darn boss that he is.

As you can see, #15 is straight up done with the stigma around mental health that's keeping good players from being great.

Showing strength, not stigma ... that's what it's all about.

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