How cute is this?

There’s a reason why we love movies like “Big” and “13 Going on 30.” We can all relate to that feeling of still being a kid despite walking around in an adult-shaped body. And while some of us are better about letting that inner child run the show every once in a while than others, we all find moments to allow the pure joy and wonder that come from youth.

And when we do allow for some of that kid magic in our lives, great things happen. It’s no secret that playing is not only good for the soul, there are psychological benefits to it, too—boosting our creativity, helping us cope better with stress and improving our overall sense of well-being.

One hotel’s outstanding gesture of hospitality only goes to prove this conventional wisdom. Even if the staff did it by complete accident.

In a hilarious now-viral TikTok clip, a man (read: man, as in, full-grown adult) named Cole shares the aftermath of a wholesome prank his dad pulled on the Kindersley Quality Inn and Suites after he booked a room for himself and his “kid.”

Cole’s dad must have been in on how the hotel makes little kids feel welcome, because he is all giggles when they both walk in and Cole’s bed has not only a tie-dye fort but a teddy bear.

The fort even came with a list of “rules.” Really they were all for laughs, such as the “defend the fort at all costs” rule…However, there was a “no passing gas in the fort” rule. That sounds like solid regulation, honestly.

Cole’s reaction to all this? Glee. Utter glee.


@lifewithacole Kindersley Quality Inn and Suites out did theirselves! This is the funniest things I have seen on the road from a hotel crew! #fyp #canadatiktok #canada #alberta #edmonton #kindersley #saskatoon #saskatchewan #lovinglife #livingmybestlife #hotel #qualityinnandsuites #funny #funnymoments #prank ♬ Caramel Latte - Prod. By Rose

“They just made this your most memorable sleepover!” one person commented.

Other praises for the hotel came flooding in, not to mention all the grown-ups who would love to have this kind of five-star treatment.

Check out what folks said below:

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“My actual little kid would freaking love that!”

“Omg…I want this as an adult too…”

“How fng cool is this????”

That is honestly so sweet. 5 star review! Haha some people just really go that extra mile to make someone smile! So thoughtful.”

So thoughtful, indeed. Just goes to show that we all appreciate the simple joys of life, not matter how old we are.