honey badger generation

Courtesy of Laura Loray and RDNE|Canva

Therapist coins Gen Alpha the 'honey badger generation'

NOTE: One or more of the videos contained in this article may contain adult language.

There's always a lot of talk around Gen Z, but it turns out Generation Alpha are even more conscious of today's politics at an earlier age. In fact, they're not just more politically aware at a young age, they're more socially and emotionally aware with a strong sense of protection for those around them. This budding generation has earned themselves the moniker, "honey badger" across social media and it seems to be sticking.

Upworthy sat down with Laura Loray, a licensed clinical social worker and psychiatric nurse practitioner. Loray is the one who actually coined the term honey badger for this new generation. As someone who specializes in working with kids and adolescents, Gen Alpha falls right into her purview on a daily basis but it wasn't just her clients that sparked the endearing nickname.

"Obviously, we all remember that video from 15 years ago with the 'honey badger don't care, honey badger don't give a sh*t' and once I started seeing all these videos of parents saying their babies were built different," Loray recalls.

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