If You Didn't Have Long Left On Earth, Would You Do Something As Amazingly Cool As This Little Girl?

If I'm being honest: The world isn't a great place. A lot of terrible things happen to good people for reasons we can't always comprehend.But I thought about this differently when I came across a little girl called Emilia. Emilia was only 8 years old when she was diagnosed with a deadly lung condition, and I realized that she perfectly captures an inspiring, strong-willed, and brave nature that so many of us lack. Emilia had a last wish — watch as her mum, Rachel, and a team of kind people make that awesome wish come true.

Tragically, Emilia has since lost her battle. Our heart goes out to her family and friends. What a truly incredible little girl.

To support the wonderful charity — Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity — that granted her this wish and grant wishes for seriously ill children, you can donate here.

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