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Except hold the Telephone, this Diva Beyoncé is going to Ring the Alarm on that myth. Check on It: she has the facts below, and it's only a matter of time before we get the Green Light and Countdown to our goal of equal pay and make inequality Disappear. Then we can throw a massive Party, am I right?

Listen to Beyonce: There's no need for Resentment. And Yes, I personally think she's Irreplaceable.


'Wheel Of Fortune' Host Denies Climate Change On Twitter — A Science Blogger Sends A Great Reply

"Wheel of Fortune" host (and former weatherman!) Pat Sajak tweeted to say that anyone who believes in global warming is an unpatriotic racist. Yep that's right: It was once his job to study the weather and climate, and he makes this kind of comment below.


Sometimes all you need is a reality check. Here is the reply science blogger Greg Laden gave:

Just a short, sweet little reminder out there: Climate change *is* real.


Just When I Thought I Couldn't Hate BP Any More Than I Do, I Hear About This Small Town In Louisiana

Hey, who remembers the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011? This clip from the "Vanishing Pearls" documentary explores how Louisiana Gulf community of 300 people took on the huge oil corporation.This is a fascinating and important topic that the world *must* know about. Let's hold BP accountable.

The lead-up to the World Cup in Brazil has sparked some large public protests. But the police are trying to silence protesters and, sadly, have responded with force, tear gas, and rubber bullets. To make matters worse, the Brazilian congress might introduce new laws that could be used to crack down even further on the protests. See the issue played out in this smart advert below.

Everyone has the right to peaceful protest.