These Awesome Iranian Women Are Throwing Away Their Hijabs And Posting The Photos On Facebook

It's the right of women to wear what they want. This is the thinking that inspired Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad to write a Facebook post about Iranian women not wearing veils. And it sparked a movement.This may seem like a small thing. But in Iran, it's a bold statement against a government that is fixated on the way women dress and requires them to dress "modestly" — if they remove their veils in public, they can receive 70 lashes or 60 days in prison.Alinejad says she asked women to send "selfies of their private moments of freedom.” And the campaign led to 30,000 Likes in its first five days. See the photos of the fearless women below.

These Awesome Iranian Women Are Throwing Away Their Hijabs And Posting The Photos On Facebook

If you'd like to learn more about their stories, you should head over to Vocativ's more in-depth piece about it. And maybe you could share this? Their story deserves to be heard the world over.

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One of the ways to tell if you're in a healthy relationship is whether you and your partner are free to talk about other people you find attractive. For many couples, bringing up such a sensitive topic can cause some major jealousy.

Of course, there's a healthy way to approach such a potentially dangerous topic.

Telling your partner you find someone else attractive shouldn't be about making them feel jealous. It's probably also best that if you're attracted to a coworker, friend, or their sibling, that you keep it to yourself.

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"I love being a nurse because I have the honor of connecting with my patients during some of their best and some of their worst days and making a difference in their lives is among the most rewarding things that I can do in my own life" - Tenesia Richards, RN

From ushering new life into the world to holding the hand of a patient as they take their last breath, nurses are everyday heroes that deserve our respect and appreciation.

To give back to this community that is always giving so selflessly to others, CeraVe® put out a call to nurses to share their stories for a chance to be featured in Heroes Behind the Masks, a digital content series shining a light on nurses who go above and beyond to provide safe and quality care to patients and their communities.

First up: Tenesia Richards, a labor and delivery nurse working in New York City who, in addition to her regular job, started a community outreach program in a homeless shelter that houses expectant mothers for up to one year postpartum.

Tenesia | Heroes Behind the Masks presented by CeraVe

Upon learning at a conference that black mothers in the U.S. die at three to four times the rate of white mothers, one of the widest of all racial disparities in women's health, Richards decided to take further action to help her community. She, along with a handful of fellow nurses, volunteered to provide antepartum, childbirth and postpartum education to the women living at the shelter. Additionally, they looked for other ways to boost the spirits of the residents, like throwing baby showers and bringing in guest speakers. When COVID-19 hit and in-person gatherings were no longer possible, Richards and her team found creative workarounds and created holiday care packages for the mothers instead.

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