I can barely put together an Ikea table, let alone build an Ikea house — but this is a smart idea.

Can you imagine being forced to flee from your country and live in a refugee camp? Well 10% of the world has, with the average stay in a camp being around ... 12 YEARS. The tents people are made to live in at the camps do not insulate heat or provide electricity.

In comes Ikea. Recognizing that the UN Refugee Agency hasn't advanced their tents over the years, Ikea partnered with UNHCR to create smart, flat-pack housing designed in a durable, easy-to-transport-and-set-up Ikea kinda way.

It's still in its prototype stage, but it's smart design like this that could make a huge difference.

This article originally appeared on 9.29.15

"Just because you didn't do marriage well doesn't mean you can't do divorce fabulously."

That's something my mother-in-law said to me when her son and I were ending our young, impetuous, and ultimately-not-right-for-us marriage. It stuck with me through the years.

These sweet images from Brittany Peck's wedding have struck a chord with families across the Internet, and they seem to be getting that very same lesson about "doing divorce well" through to millions.

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