Little girl gives her dad the best jump scare after her sister applies special effects makeup

She truly knows how to stay in character.

The Nun; special FX makeup; Dakota Patton; Snackbandits; Halloween pranks

Little girl dressed as 'The Nun' scares her dad in hilarious video

There are generally two times of year when you absolutely cannot trust people - April Fool's Day and the entire month of October. These are usually the times anything could happen. You'll either laugh until you pee yourself a little or you'll run screaming from the room hoping you don't pee yourself a little.

One dad happened to be on the receiving end of the kind of prank that makes you want to scream thanks to his two daughters. Jarell Patton, runs the TikTok account Snackbandits and recently tried recording a video for his viewers that quickly went awry. Patton's younger daughter, Dylan quietly appears behind him as he's speaking into the camera. She never speaks or attempts to make her presence known. She just stands there. Dressed as "The Nun," a horror movie character.

Patton catches a glimpse of the little girl out of the corner of his eye before reacting with, "what the fu..." catching himself before the entire swear word pops out of his mouth.

Though her dad was very obviously attempting to calm his heart rate, Dylan never broke character. There were no giggles or squeals as she ran away. She was committed and the more she committed to silently staring at him, the more he freaked out. Dylan's older sister Dakota, 6, has gone viral a few times for her impressive special effects makeup skills, which are on full display for Dylan's tiny version of "The Nun."

Patton attempts to get Dylan to talk to him but she just stares blankly. He eventually yells for the mastermind behind the hilarious prank. The entire interaction has people in stitches while simultaneously commending Dylan's performance and Dakota's makeup skills.

"The silence, the blinking, the standing still. A PERFORMANCE," one person writes.

"The fact that she stayed in character is AMAZING!!!!," another says.

"It gets funnier every time I watch it, the eye shifting," someone writes, complete with crying laughing emojis.

You can watch the entire thing below:


How did she get behind me!! Thanks alot @PrincessOfSFX #snackbandits #thenun


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