A dad gives his daughter a challenge. She accepts it. Now his nails are fabulous.

Father-daughter bonding done right.

Doyin Richards knows what people are thinking when they see him walk into a nail salon.

He says he often gets odd looks from people wondering what a 6'2", 205-pound black guy is doing there.

It's simple: He's there to get a pedicure with his daughter. And he's completely unapologetic about it.

Let's be honest. Gender stereotypes are soooo 1955. Why should seeing a dad get a pedicure with his daughter be any weirder than a mom playing baseball with her kid? Or a dad playing with Barbies. Or a mom watching Star Wars with her son. Or a dad doing his daughter's hair.

Spending time with your kid, doing the activities with them that they enjoy?

There's a word for that: parenting.

Watch Doyin take his daughter to the salon (and use the opportunity to challenge her to eat her broccoli too) in this episode of "What Dads Do":

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