94-yr-old widower's reaction to being given a pillow with his wife's face on it is priceless

Everyone loves a good love story. And when we witness an example of love that endures through everything—even death—it hits us right in our deepest human feely spots.

Ken is a 94-year-old resident of Thistleton Lodge, a retirement and assisted-living facility in Lancashire, England. When a caregiver noticed that he slept with a photograph of Kia, his late wife of 75 years who had also lived in the facility, she decided to surprise him with a gift—a pillow with Kia's face on it.

Having something soft to embrace with his wife's image on it brought Ken to tears—along with everyone else.

The video has gone viral, being shared across multiple media outlets. And when you watch, it's not hard to see why. This is sheer humanity right here. True love that lasts a lifetime is a beautiful thing, and to see it in its purest form is truly a sight to behold. Pass the tissues, please.

Photo courtesy of Capital One

Growing up in Virginia, Dominique Meeks Gombe idolized her family physician — a young Black woman who inspired Meeks Gombe to pursue her passion for chemistry.

While Meeks Gombe began her career working in an environmental chemistry lab, after observing multiple inefficient processes in and around the lab, she took the initiative to teach herself to code in order to automate and streamline those issues.

That sparked her love for coding and imminent career shift. Now a software engineer at Capital One, Meeks Gombe wants to be a similar role model to her childhood mentor and encourage girls to pursue any career they desire.

"I'm so passionate about technology because that's where the world is going," Meeks Gombe said. "All of today's problems will be solved using technology. So it's very important for me, as a Black woman, to be at the proverbial table with my unique perspective."

Since 2019, she and her fellow Capital One associates have partnered with the Capital One Coders program and Girls For A Change to teach coding fundamentals to middle school girls.

The nonprofit's mission is aimed at empowering Black girls in Central Virginia. The organization focuses on designing, leading, funding and implementing social change projects that tackle issues girls face in their own neighborhoods.

Girls For a Change is one of many local nonprofits that receive support from the Capital One Impact Initiative, which strives to close gaps in equity while helping people gain better access to economic and social opportunities. The initial $200 million, five-year national commitment aims to support growth in underserved communities as well as advance socioeconomic mobility.

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This article originally appeared on 08.30.14

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