This lingerie ad is important.

In an ad by Panache Lingerie, we meet international model Marquita Pring. She was selected by Panache as part of its role model campaign, which is in celebration of strong women worthy of aspiration.

When it comes to being our best selves, she says: Be you.

Pring is quick to explain that it isn't only skin-deep. She talks about how it is more than just what meets the eye and offers some good advice on what's most important. She says:

"Focus on yourself. That's all you can do. Once you start comparing yourself to others, you lose track of your own path. Putting that little extra effort into loving yourself makes such a difference. Learn to love yourself, and the rest will fall into place."
— Marquita Pring

But where do we usually get the idea of "perfection"?


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When we elevate the same body over and over, we send a message: "This body is the best body. This is the body you should have."

A lot of the media we see celebrates only one kind of body as the best. That's not true. Every body is the best body. But 23 people in the United States die each day from eating disorders. The body ideals that come to us through ads and media have a lot to do with that statistic.

If we want to send the message that all bodies are good bodies, we have to show lots of bodies.

Not just white bodies. Not just tall bodies. Not just thin bodies. Lots of different bodies.

As face masks have become mandatory in many places to limit the spread of coronavirus, it's also become an increasingly politicized thing. As we know, anything that involves political polarization also involves vast amounts of misinformation and disinformation. Whose idea was the internet again?

No one I know loves wearing a mask. We all wish we didn't have to. But there are an awful lot of people saying they can't wear one, or they refuse to wear one because they've been led to believe that masks are somehow more dangerous than not wearing one. I've seen and read "information" on everything from masks depriving people of oxygen to masks causing CO2 build up to masks creating fungus problems.

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