What Pope Francis just said about the gender pay gap is exactly why so many folks love him.

"We must support decisively the right to equal pay for equal job."

What Pope Francis just said about the gender pay gap is exactly why so many folks love him.

During his weekly address, Pope Francis spoke up in support of women being paid equally to men.

This is the latest Cool Pope thing he's done, and it comes just two weeks after saying that "more weight and more authority must be given to women."

These great GIFs and the video at the bottom of this post come from our friends at NowThis News.

Now, usually Pope Francis' statements come with conditions, but this one seems pretty clear.

Men and women should have the same rights, including the right to equal pay for equal work? Sounds good to me. I don't see how that could be misinterpreted.

And given that he's got more than a few (somewhere around 1 billion) followers, I think he might be able to change a couple of minds here and there.

And while long-lapsed Catholics like me might not be on board for every bit of policy that comes out of the church, I'm 100% on board with his sentiment on this one.

When it comes to the church, if you're usually like...

This might be an opportunity for you to be like...

Because the gender pay gap is a huge deal, and it affects women all over the world.

Here's hoping his comments help inspire others to work to break down the gap and make equal pay for equal work a reality.

Check out NowThis News' video containing some of the pope's comments from today.


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