Back-to-the-office never felt this at home

If you're back in the office, your desk needs this touch of WFH.

Back-to-the-office never felt this at home

Back to work? This product will make you feel like you *almost* never left your living room. Ok, it will at least let you bring some of your family and friends with you... without having to organize guest parking for the entire crew. Because what looks like a classic picture frame is actually so much more. Here's how it works:

This Skylight Frame is a digital picture frame! If you're not sure what that means, think photo screensaver that's constantly being updated. And it's beyond easy to send pictures too, so there's never a hassle of having to update it or plug it in to download new photos.

The frame is a touch screen so you can easily connect to WiFi just like you would with any other device. Then, you can create your own unique Skylight email address for the frame. After that you can forward your favorite pics and the frame will almost instantly add those photos into the queue. It can surprise you with its own slide show settings (think shuffle) or you can select an order (think newest to oldest) for your slideshow. This feature is really the best part about this digital frame, because it's always showing something new.

And because you can give out the email address to your friends and family and they can also send you pictures on their own! That way the photo album will continue to update with all of the best adventures and you can be treated to a surprise while you're at your desk... just as long as the surprises are all work appropriate.

That being said, this frame really is better when shared. It has tons of cool features, like a small heart that you can click to "like" a photo and let whoever sent it to you know that it made your day a little brighter. You can also pause the slide show at any time and hold on one picture for a few minutes or the whole day. This feature is especially handy if you're going to a meeting or heading away from your desk.

There are other settings that allow you to control the flow and display of the slideshow. It's complete customizable and there are tons of new features to explore. It's almost like being on social media, but instead of being flooded with photos of people you went to high school with, you only get the best, silliest, happiest photos from people you love.

But, if you're going for a more posh aesthetic or if you want the frame to showcase your vision board, that's also totally doable. You can self-curate slide shows or limit the amount of photos displayed. Because of the simple features and easy to use touchscreen, this frame is an easy addition for your desk. And it just might soften the blow of being back in the office... even if it's just a little bit.

Check it out now, and see what all the hype's about.

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