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This speech had all the things, and the Maid of Honor wasn't even there

May we all have a best friend like Ally Lothman.

Lothman had just given birth to her first child (according to Today.com) and was unable to make it to the wedding of her lifelong best friend Michelle Levenson. But Lothman’s Maid of Honor duties were still gloriously fulfilled.

A now-viral video, posted to TikTok by wedding photography and videography company Woodell Productions, shows that even though Lothman couldn’t celebrate in person, her FaceTimed wedding toast managed to bring everyone at the reception—along with everyone who watched online—to tears.

"You didn’t think a little bit of childbirth was going to keep me from giving the maid-of-honor speech at my best friend's wedding, did you?" Lothman begins. Already a pretty epic start.

She continued by sharing one of her favorite memories with the bride.

“There were endless memories to choose from. We would be here all night if I wrote about them all ... but I'll never forget my first evening in Cortona, Italy,” she said.

Lothman seamlessly painted a picture of their adventure together.

"In true Michelle fashion, she had whisked me up and down the incredibly steep winding roads that Tuscan city was perched upon. She had planned my first day to a tee. She showed me an ancient mummy preserved in a church — and I think that may have been the day I was hit by the car and then promptly asked out on a date by the Italian man inside the car."

"If I remember correctly,” Lothman continued, “it was that late summer sunset that we spent alone in the kind of bar bistro you would see in a life insurance commercial. We drank dry white wine and I remember we were moved to tears together for how beautiful it was."

Lothman then recalled, whether it was due to the ambiance or the alcohol, that the two friends “had a moment, like the culmination of a lifetime of friendship had brought us to this one special place in time, 5,000 miles from where we grew up."

But wait, it gets better.

Lothman remarked that their “deep, insightful understanding” of each other made them more than friends. "This was our sisterhood. In fact, I believe it was at this moment that we decided we needed to become sister wives."

It was at this point that Lothman addressed Levenson’s new husband. And perhaps Lothman’s new husband as well.

"So Matt, I hope you understand: Michelle and I made a pact in 2014 that we would find husbands someday but it would always be sister wives first," she quipped. "I'm pretty sure this means we all have to live together now — I'll be bringing a baby so I hope that's OK."

This is just the nuts and bolts of it. In truth, the video is full of other gems, including but not limited to a 10 ft long charcuterie board and “the world's spiciest Bloody Mary.”


@woodellproductions Ally couldnt be at her best friends wedding because she just gave birth, so instead she dropped the greatest toast ever and made everyone sob over facetime #georgiaweddingvideographer #atlantaweddingvideographer #2024wedding #2025wedding #weddingvows #weddingtoast #maidofhonorspeech ♬ original sound - Woodell Films

The video has amassed over 2.5 million views, with tons of people sharing how impressed they were with Lothman’s flair for words.

“‘Maybe it was the way the golden light reflected off the landscape and bathed us in its holiness’ like are you KIDDING me? This is incredible,” one person commented.

“This was the most beautiful MOH speech I’ve ever heard,” wrote another.

But even more than that, people were inspired by how Lothman showed up for her friend.

“The epitome of ‘if they wanted to they would.’”

Angel City Chorale/ Youtube

Angel City Chorale performs "Africa" by Toto

There are nearly 90 known covers of Toto’s “Africa.” Goodness knows there are countless more not recorded. It’s just one of those enduring hits that remains special no matter what clever spin is put on it.

In fact, many renditions continue to be just as timeless as the original. Take for instance this gem from Angel City Chorale (below).

What makes this performance so unique is what happens before any music starts playing—as the singers use their hands to mimic the sounds of rainfall.

First, there’s the small pitter patter, as the group rubs their hands together. At the conductor’s signal, that drizzle becomes heavier with snaps, then turns into a downpour with thigh claps and synchronized jumping…then finally dying down as the intro notes begin to play.

It’s such a simple artistic choice that somehow adds so much.

And of course, the actual singing is glorious.


This cover actually earned Angel City Chorale a standing ovation on “America’s Got Talent” Season 13.

During their audition, founder Sue Fink shared that her mission was to “bring together people of diverse backgrounds and build community and build community when we make something beautiful together.”

Safe to say—that mission is accomplished. Just take as look at how much of an impact this song alone has made:

“Tears of joy. We need more of this positively in the world. Music is universal!”

“Why am I crying. Amazing performance!”

“Jan 2024 and they still rock!”

“Watched this at least 50 times. Wonderful cover.”

“Most outstanding performance. Living in South Africa this hits home and gives me chills.”

Sounds like they really did bless those rains.

If you’d like to hear even more of Angel City Chorale’s amazing covers, head on over to Youtube or Instagram



Watch how this man's needy pet iguana acts exactly like a dog

Proof that reptiles can every bit as be loving—and clingy—as our furry friends.


rocket the iguana is the most dog-like lizard you've ever seen

When looking for an affectionate, loving pet, people generally steer towards cats and dogs. Reptiles, often seen as non-sentient and emotionless, are typically reserved for those opting for something more exotic.

But after meeting Rocket, the iguana who demands constant attention, loves cuddles and even walks with a leash, you might consider lizards the next golden retrievers.

As Lee, Rocket’s owner shared with The Dodo, this iguana “thinks he’s a dog.” Rocket follows Lee everywhere, and on more than one occasion has inserted himself into dad’s shower or workout session.

He also has a voracious appetite with zero patience, and will eagerly, but clumsily, climb up the fridge to sneak a snack when he thinks his owner isn’t watching. That usually ends with a giant mess.

Rocket is so dog-like that when he goes out for his routine walks (yes, you read that right) people at first mistake him for one.

But perhaps what’s even more amazing is that Lee enjoys spoiling him that same way you or I might a puppy. He told The Dodo, “I try to be everything an iguana would look for in an owner,” including providing a large 7x6 foot enclosure, humidity and a UVB ray replica.

Watch their relationship in action below:

Isn’t Rocket just the sweetest little miniature dinosaur ever?

Though clearly iguanas are not suitable pets for everyone—certainly not kids or anyone who can’t devote a high level of care—they are not nearly as cold blooded as their reputation makes them out to be. As Lee, and several folks in the comments can attest.

“I had an iguana for 18 years and he was just like this. Followed me everywhere and we had just an amazing bond. He passed away sleeping on me right over my heart a few years ago. This man is a great iguana Dad. So wonderful to see,” one person wrote.

We might not have what it takes to be as great of an iguana parent as Lee, but at least we can follow Rocket’s antics on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

There you’ll discover that Rocket has a new iguana sibling now—Astro! Will there be jealousy over dad’s affection? Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

Pop Culture

Watch a 13-year-old boy become the first person ever to beat Tetris

The classic 80s video game was considered unbeatable…until now.

Classic Tetris/YouTube

Thirteen-year-old Willis Gibson is the only player ever known to beat Tetris.

Few video games are as compelling and addictive as Tetris. Nor are other games, even the most difficult ones, literally impossible to beat.

The task behind Tetris is simple: rotate the falling blocks to fit the puzzle. But as those pieces fall at a faster and faster rate, at some point even the most skilled player becomes outmatched. In fact, no player (other than an AI bot) has been known to ever actually beat the game.

Until now.

Thirteen-year-old Willis Gibson, better known as “Blue Scuti” when he’s gaming, was about 39 minutes into a Tetris competition, rotating blocks at lightning speed, when he achieved a “True Killscreen,” signaling the game couldn’t keep up and crashed.

In other words, Gibson did the impossible. The 34-year-old old game was finally beat…by a teen.

As soon as it happened, the young gamer threw up his gloves in shock and screamed, “Oh my god!” nearly hyperventilating with excitement.

“I can’t feel my fingers,” he said in the live broadcast of the game.

According to 404 Media, Gibson’s history-breaking success is thanks in part to a revolutionary new technique that became popular in 2021 called “rolling,” where he holds the controller in a way that allows him to push the D-pad up to 20 times per second. This method surpasses the “hyper tapping method,” another well known controller technique among Tetris players.

In an interview following his historic win, Gibson dedicated the game to his father, Adam Gibson, who died Dec. 14, 2023. But his mom was there to give him the ultimate “I have no idea what any of this means but it’s important to you so I’m proud” high-five.

Gibson's remarkable feat of both beating a computer game and outplaying AI stands as a reassurance in the lasting potential of the human mind as discourse about artificial intelligence makes it appear obsolete. Even in the digital age, humans constantly strive to learn, adapt, evolve and push the limits. And they succeed. Suddenly a simple game has a much more profound meaning.