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pit bulls

Mara is a trained doggo looking for a family.

In December of 2022, a American Pit Bull Terrier named Mara was hours away from being euthanized at a high-kill shelter in Georgia. Rocky Kanaka shares that the one-year-old pup had been languishing in the shelter for over a month with no one showing interest in her until a rescue group called Braveheart Bulliez stepped in to save her.

Pit Bulls are often stereotyped and misunderstood, but Mara's rescuers saw past all of that. “As soon as we saw her photos, we knew we had to help,” Braveheart Bulliez’s founder Krystle Carrara shared with Rocky Kanaka. “She had the most soulful, trusting eyes.”

But Mara's rescue journey was just beginning.

Braveheart Bulliez had secured a foster home for her and hired a paid trainer to do in-home training, but within a few weeks the foster bailed without explanation. On top of that, two people who had agreed to sponsor Mara's rescue journey also bailed, so she was left high and dry with nowhere to go.

In January of 2023, Braveheart Bulliez sent Mara to a well-respected boarding and training program. She took to training like a champ, becoming a "phenomenal" leash walker and learning not to react to other dogs on leash. She was also muzzle trained to be with other dogs in doggy play time.

“She blew everyone away with how smart and willing to learn she was,” said Carrara.

dog with a tennis ball in her mouth

Mara loves her yellow tennis ball more than treats. Seriously.


However, no matter how hard they tried, Mara's rescuers couldn't find a foster or adoptive home for her. Reaching out to rescues across the country yielded no results. She ended up being boarded for another 10 months, which wasn't good for her physically or mentally.

Finally, an almost-perfect foster for Mara came along. Someone had filled out an application expressing interest in fostering a special needs dog. “As soon as we read it, we realized this person would be perfect for Mara,” Carrara said. “We took a chance and reached out, and incredibly, they agreed to foster her.”

There was just one problem—they were planning on moving overseas within six months, so they wouldn't be able to keep her that long. That foster has been caring for Mara since January 2024, but now it's time for them to leave—and time for Mara to find her furever family.

If Mara doesn't find a home, there will be no choice but to send her back into boarding, where she completely shut down after spending more than a years there. No one who knows her wants that for her.

dog on a sofa with a stuffed toy

Look at that sweet face.


"Mara is a beautiful girl, fully trained, and simply needs to be in a home as an only dog. She is very smart and LOVES human attention. She loves car rides, long walks/hikes, and LOVES PUP CUPS!" the rescue shares. "She MUST be the only dog in the home. However, Mara is fully muzzle trained and only needs it if she is near other dogs (in doggy day care). This darling girl has been failed by humans over and over again. But we never gave up on her, and she knows that. We will do whatever it takes to find this wonderful pup her perfect home."

Let's help this sweet girl find a family who can care for her and give her a loving home. For information about Mara and how to adopt her, go to: https://rockykanaka.com/adoption/mara/


Vet tech hilariously reenacts how different dog breeds react to nail clippings

Dog owners in the comments are rolling over the accuracy.

Viral TikTok shows how different dog breeds act when it's nail trim time.

All dogs are different, but specific breeds have unique tendencies that are recognizable to people who know dogs. And few people know dogs as well as veterinarians, vet techs and dog groomers. Vets are animal experts, of course, but many people take their dogs to get cleaned and primped far more frequently than they take them in for health checkups, so groomers see a huge range of dog breeds on a regular basis.

Basically, if you want to know about typical dog breed behavior, look to the people who trim their claws, whether they work at an animal clinic or the PetSmart grooming salon.

A TikTok video from @ktbergeron shows what appears to be two vet techs doing a reenactment of how different dog breeds respond to having their nails clipped, and it's hilariously spot-on.

By "reenactment," I mean full-on, "human on the grooming table on all fours acting like a dog." It's truly something to behold—and especially fun if you've actually owned one of these dog breeds.

First comes the Pug, who goes feral, writhing on its back as the tech tries to get hold of its paw. Next, the anxious Chihuahua, who doesn't want anyone to come near her. Third, the friendly Pit Bull whose tail wags so forcefully its paw can't stay still. Then comes the Golden Retriever, who obliges but with some seriously trepidatious side-eye. And finally, the Beagle, who…well, that one you just have to hear.



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People in the comments are rolling over the accuracy.

"The biblically accurate beagle howl 😭😭😭😭😭."

"LMAOOO why is the pug one so accurate 😭😂."

"The golden retriever side eye is so relatable."

"Beagles really come with their own sound effects."

"Tengo un chihuahua, un pug y una beagle y SUPER CONFIRMO 😭😂"

Commenters were also clamoring for them to do other breeds, with many people specifically requesting she do a Husky. The other big request was that the tech be given an Oscar for her performance.

What a fun way to kill some downtime at work. It sounds like everyone agrees a Part Two is in order as well. Perhaps a Jack Russell Terrier and a Shih Tzu next, please?

Dog throws an epic tantrum after his bone is stolen.

Everyone knows that favorite toys are off-limits. Parents often have rules around sharing but most will draw the line at making their kids share a favorite toy.

Turns out, dog owners should probably also have this firm line in the sand for their four-legged friends as well, as evidenced by TikTok user @bosstalk843's video of a distraught pit bull who was just aggressively robbed of his favorite bone.

Well, "aggressively robbed" is maybe an overexaggeration, but it was a crime if you ask the crying pooch. In the video that's been viewed 1.6 million times, the pit bull is lying on his back looking at his owner seemingly in distress. We quickly learn why after feeling sorry for the clearly upset dog—his new and much smaller foster sister took his toy while he was still playing with it.

The text on the screen reads, "He's sad!!! My 20-pound foster puppy stole a bone out of my 60-pound pit bull's mouth and this was his reaction."

The dog makes pitiful noises that can only be described as a cross between a howl and a whine, all while looking to his human for assistance. But the human isn't much help.

"Why would she do that? It was so rude," the person off-camera says while sounding sympathetic to the sad dog's dilemma. He tries to convince the crying dog to simply take the bone back, but that would mean ending his dramatics and it's evident that this dog is going for his first Oscar. The foster puppy is completely unaware that she has just singlehandedly ruined her foster brother's life.

Here's hoping this sweet boy eventually got his bone back, or at the very least, won the Academy Award for best dramatic performance. Watch his antics below:


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Dog does the 'pick a card' challenge and it's adorable.

There are a few kinds of dog parents: ones that only have outside dogs, those who have inside dogs but they're absolutely not allowed on the furniture and dog parents who treat their dog as if they birthed them themselves and give them every luxury invented for four-legged fur children.

Clearly, people are going to have feelings one way or the other about dogs and their place within a household, but I think everyone can agree that seeing a dog be pampered will always be adorable. Opie the Pit Bully is one of those lucky doggos who wound up living in the lap of luxury, and the pooch got to do a "pick a card" day to showcase that his owner loves him the mostest.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by Opie's owner because...ya know, opposable thumbs and all…Opie is faced with two cards that he can't read: 1) because he's a dog, and 2) because the cards are facing toward the camera. That doesn't stop the sweet puppers from playing along, though.

Opie quickly picks his first card to start off his "pick a card" day where everything is all about him. He starts off strong with the choice of wearing a teddy bear robe. But the choices are so good that he can't really go wrong. "PetSmart" or "dog park"? Both solid options for a dog date.

By the end of the date, Opie had gone on several adventures that resulted in cuteness overload. The video has over a million views and is full of comments agreeing that the pup is the goodest boy.

Watch the adorable doggy date below:


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