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funny dog videos

Dog turns down his owner's pets and the internet is laughing.

Sometimes we're not in the mood to be touched, and the same goes for our pets. While cats are notorious for snubbing humans who dare to touch them without explicit affirmative consent for exactly 3.5 pets, dogs are different. Dogs like to get head scratches, butt pats and for some reason slapped on the ribs somewhat aggressively. I don't know why dog owners do the last one but I've seen it enough to think it's a thing that dogs enjoy.

The point is dogs generally want you to pet them as often as humanly possible and until it feels like your arms are going to fall off. They try to climb up on your lap because being as close to your cornea as their snouts will allow is comforting to them. But apparently, dogs also get into moods where they don't want to be touched by their humans.

Weird, right? A chocolate lab on TikTok is simply not in the mood for pets and his reaction to his owner attempting to pet him has commenters in stitches.

The dog, Colby, looks as if he's trying to relax when you see his mom's hand reach out to pet him. He doesn't break eye contact with his human, Morgyn Seigfried, as he gently pushes her hand away with his back foot. She tries several times, and each time Colby has the same response.

"Let's not make this more embarrassing than it has to be," one commenter wrote.

"He said pet me...WITH YOUR EYES," another person said.

While some were imagining what the dog was saying internally, others just found it hilarious, especially because he uses his hind leg to reject the affection.

"Such a boss move to use the back leg and not the front paw," someone wrote, complete with a crying laughing emoji.

"The fact that he used his rear leg makes the exchange even better," another commenter said.

Colby is clearly over Seigfried's need to touch him, as you can see for yourself below:


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This article originally appeared on 5.5.23

Pit bull's tantrum proves even dogs get spoiled at grandma's

It's not just kids that go to grandma's house only to come back more spoiled than when they left, it's dogs too. One sassy pit bull named Linda, from the TikTok account Linda & Athena, has is a little salty with her mom because her mom is refusing to treat her like the princess grandma said she is. Linda got to spend the weekend at grandma's house and she came back an absolute diva demanding cookies while lying in bed.

The dog is on her cot wrapped in a cozy red blanket yelling at her mom over the non-existent cookies in her belly. Linda's mom was not up for the sassy behavior but it didn't deter the pooch from voicing her frustration. Treats are life and grandma says she's the goodest girl.

"Why do you act like this when you come home from grandma's house after a weekend? Do we need to stop going to grandma's house," Linda's mom asks.

The threat didn't stop Linda's complaints so her mom switched tactics by trying to get the dog to appreciate what she has at her house. She's got a nice big blankie, food and the sunlight that's almost to the dog's bed. It's simply not enough for Linda, she misses her grandma. After all, she's the only one that truly knows Linda's needs–dog biscuits, even though her mom says she's gained six pounds in two days. Commenters were split on this adorable argument.

One person says "Listen Linda, just go back to grandma's house!"

"Poor Linda. It's like she's living in a prison," another commenter writes.

Someone scolds "How dare you not give Linda a cookie. She's a princess!"

Within the comments Linda's mom revealed that not only did the dog get as many cookies as she could eat, but grandma made grandpa sleep on the couch so Linda would have more room in the bed. For anyone that thinks that's too much, Linda says to mind your business, she deserves luxury treatment every day.

You can see her adorable tantrum below:


Linda was way too spoiled at Grandma's house this weekend... I think we've created a monster 👻 #lindaislife #bossladylinda #talkingdogs #lifewithlindandathena #queenlinda #lindaismyspiritanimal #naptimeforlinda #tuckinlinda2023 #naptimewithlinda #failedtuckin

Linda was way too spoiled at Grandma's house this weekend... I think we've created a monster 👻 #lindaislife #bossladylinda #talkingdogs #lifewithlindandathena #queenlinda #lindaismyspiritanimal #naptimeforlinda #tuckinlinda2023 #naptimewithlinda #failedtuckin


A dog dressed for business is breaking other dogs out of their fences to go on adventures

The people in the neighborhood do not appreciate his impromptu playdates

A dog in a tie has been breaking out dogs for adventures

What on earth could be better than a dog in a collar and tie? A dog that dresses for business as he sets out to free all the dogs in the neighborhood who look like they may want to help him run a muck–that's what. Recently Ailea, a TikTok user uploaded a video talking about a dog in her neighborhood trying to start a cult with the other dogs.

Ailea has two dogs of her own which is how she came to notice the dapper dog. But it wasn't until she was attempting to get an explanation from the furry dog boss that she realized he had a neighborhood operation going on.

"I see that he's wearing a tie. Very distinguished. So I'm like, cool. I'm going to go out front and I'm going to talk to this dog, have a rational conversation with this dog in a tie," Ailea says. "Maybe find out where he lives, help him find his way home, you know that sort of thing."

That's when the story takes a bit of a turn. As she's attempting to reason with the dog so she can get his address or human's number, an angry woman stops her car to give the dog a piece of her mind. The woman yells at the dog to go home after questioning what he was doing. When Ailea asked the woman if it was her dog, she revealed the well dressed dog's not so secret, secret.

"No, but he keeps coming to my house and opening the gate and letting my dogs out to roam the neighborhood with him," the woman explains to Ailea. "He does this to everybody's dog. He just lets them out and lets them roam the neighborhood with him."

Fair warning, the neighbor's confrontation with the dog does have adult language included but it's not until the second video that you get the see the well-dressed canine up close.


I’ll buy whatever this well dressed dog is selling. #mlm #cult #dog #travelingsalesman #takemymoney

Ailea doesn't have an issue with her own dogs getting out because she keeps her gate locked, other neighbors are not so lucky. But how could anyone be angry at a dog in a tie just looking for buddies to burn off some energy with? Hopefully whoever the dapper pup belongs to reminds him that he has to ask permission before going on playdates in the future.

Dog waits patiently for human after being caught in couch cover

Dogs are certainly entertaining if they're nothing else. You never know what sort of nonsense they're going to get into while you're away or even down the hall. Dogs have dug holes in couches to play in the foam, spread trash all over the floor because they smelled an empty peanut butter container. Some dogs have even found their way to their owner's roofs for no apparent reason outside of getting closer to the birds.

One dog and his dog sibling were snoozing away while their owners were out. The couch one of the dogs was sleeping on had a fitted sheet or couch cover draped over it...until the dog got startled almost rolling off the couch. While the brown pooch was attempting to correct himself so he didn't land on his back, the couch cover decided to turn the poor dog into a burrito.

He successfully got turned around in time to gently hop onto the floor but everything went black.

The dog was completed wrapped up in the blanket totally not freaking out at all. Okay, maybe he was freaking out a little bit but his brother was actually planning to rescue him...until it wigged him out too and he was left to figure it out on his own. But it didn't take long at all for him to realize that maybe being a couch cover ghost wasn't so bad after all. Thankfully after his quick stint as a Halloween decoration, humans walked through the door to free him. The video was shared by LADbible Australia and commenters got a good belly laugh.

"Well I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time," one person writes.

"Bless the dog who decides to sit and patiently wait for the blanket to be removed," a commenter says.

"The fact the dog sat and accepted its fate," another person laughs.

Other commenters pointed out the more serious side of this common situation dogs can find themselves in. One person writes, "Well hopefully now you know that's a danger to the pups when you leave them alone at home and don't do it anymore."

Another says, "Poor baby! While it's hysterical and the baby is safe, it's still scary to know what could have happened had their humans not arrived home so soon!"

Dogs often behave like unsupervised toddlers. They're still trying to figure out the world with their disadvantage of non-opposable thumbs halfway up their wrists. That means that they sometimes get into hilarious but sticky situations that require human intervention. So while this video will certainly tickle funny bones, it's also a great reminder to secure your couch covers or securely crate your pup while unsupervised.