An appropriately childish parody of Trump's interview with Sean Hannity is pure comedy gold

Sarah Cooper has skyrocketed to internet fame with her short, spot on lip-syncs of President Trump. It's admittedly a strange premise for a comedy bit, but for some reason, it works. Her faces and body language along with the voice of the president just highlights the absurdity of the things he says in a way that even some Trump supporters find hilarious.

And her newest video, "How to second term," might just be her best.

The material was already there. Sean Hannity's softball question at the president about what's at stake if he wins and what his priorities would be for his second term is something anyone running for any office should be 100% prepared to answer at any time. And Trump's answer was a word salad of epic proportions.

But what makes Cooper's video so hilarious isn't just her lip-sync of Trump, but her imitation of Sean Hannity. The Fox News host of his own show, Hannity, has long been one of Trump's biggest supporters—and Cooper highlighted that fact by basically turning him into a sixth grade girl with a crush on the president. First of all, the air kiss? HA. Second, look for the heart with "Trump" inside it on the paper, then note "Sean Trump" written beneath it. Oh my. That shade is so cold.

Cooper's video has already been viewed more than 5.5 million times on Twitter alone. Comments range from "I think your Hannity may possibly be funnier than your 45," to "I have no idea what happened after Hannity's kiss, because I died." Even people from other countries are chiming in with appreciation for the subtle genius of Cooper's humor.

What's the old saying? We laugh to keep from crying? Thank you for giving us an opportunity to laugh rather than weep, Ms. Cooper. We all need that kind of levity right now.

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