Luke Howard works in the sensory room at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium.

One of the positive hallmarks of the 21st century is humanity's increased openness and acceptance of our differences. We still have a ways to go, but we've come far in reducing stigmas and challenging stereotypes, as well as creating welcoming spaces for diverse abilities and identities.

Sometimes a welcoming space goes beyond simply saying, "You are welcome here" and ensuring a person will be safe and accepted. For some kinds of differences, specific accommodations are necessary to enable someone to truly feel welcome in all of their neurodiverse uniqueness.

This week, a dad shared a story of what such accommodations recently looked like for his autistic son at a U.K. football game.

Twitter user @TheresYourDC ("Dave") wrote:

"Last night I took my son to Arsenal for his first match. He was buzzing all day for it. I wasn't sure if it he'd ever go as he has autism. Once we were in the ground he struggled with about 50,000 people shouting and was having a hard time. Halfway through the 1st half I could see he wasn't going to get used to it so we had to leave.

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