TikTok life coach's bite-sized mental health hacks are helping thousands of people
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Sometimes one little piece of advice can be so powerful it transforms our lives for the better. Many years ago, someone told me that "you can't change other people, you can only change how you react to them."

That piece of advice taught me that instead of trying to forcibly change others, I can get them to act differently by changing how I react to them. For example, sometimes ignoring someone's behavior instead of calling attention to it can get them to change.

Simple psychological hacks are no way to treat serious psychological issues such as anxiety or depression. But they can help us break free from negative patterns, create stronger personal boundaries, and improve our mindfulness.

Certified Coaching Practitioner Elisabeth Donatella has earned over 500,000 followers and four million likes on TikTok for her simple, but practical self-help videos.

Donatella, who goes by the name Coach Lisy, became interested in coaching after fighting her own internal battles and then deciding to use what she learned to help others.

"As a former self-loathing, people-pleasing perfectionist living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I focused so much of my time and energy obsessing over everything," she wrote on her website. "I struggled with an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and worst of all, I had severe self-doubt."

"Four years ago, after I had hit my own personal rock bottom, I decided to make a change," she continues. "I decided to dedicate my time and energy on learning how to love myself...and, most importantly, accept myself."

Since, she has completed countless trainings and seminars, including the Robbins-Madanes Training, the official Coach Training School of Tony Robbins.

These days she provides advice on relationships, mindfulness, mental hygiene, and self-awareness on TikTok. Here are 10 of her most powerful self-help tips.

How to stop procrastinating, tip 1: Plan out your day


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How to stop procrastinating, tip 2: List the reasons why your activities are important


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How to break a bad habit


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Your thoughts shape your life


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A fixed mindset versus a growth mindset


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Witness your thoughts


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How to set a boundary


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How to deal with unwanted thoughts


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Money management tricks


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"Because I don't want to" is a valid reason to say no to anything.


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Here in the United States, we’re experiencing a shortage of much-needed STEM workers, and forward-thinking organizations are stepping up to tap into America’s youth to fill the void. As the leading youth-serving nonprofit advancing STEM education, FIRST is an important player in this arena, and its mission is to inspire young people aged 4 to 18 to become technology leaders and innovators capable of addressing the world’s pressing needs.

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However, for some couples, the marital bed can be a warzone. Throughout the night couples can endure snoring, sleep apnea, the ongoing battle for sheets or circadian rhythms that never seem to sync. If one person likes to fall asleep with the TV on while the other reads a book, it can be impossible to come to an agreement on a good-night routine.

Last week on TODAY, host Carson Daly reminded viewers that he and his wife Siri, a TODAY Food contributor, had a sleep divorce while she was pregnant with their fourth child.

“I was served my sleep-divorce papers a few years ago,” he explained on TODAY. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to us. We both, admittedly, slept better apart.”

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Marlon Brando on "The Dick Cavett Show" in 1973.

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Brando was a shoo-in for Best Actor at the 1973 Academy Awards, so the actor decided to use the opportunity to make an important point about Native American representation in Hollywood.

Instead of attending the ceremony, he sent Sacheen Littlefeather, a Yaqui and Apache actress and activist dressed in traditional clothing, to talk about the injustices faced by Native Americans.

She explained that Brando "very regretfully cannot accept this generous award, the reasons for this being...are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry and on television in movie reruns, and also with recent happenings at Wounded Knee."

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Ring footage shows Adrian Rodriguez returning a lost purse.

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According to NBC News San Diego, Eliana Martin was shopping at Ralph’s supermarket when she accidentally left her purse in a shopping cart in the parking lot. After she left the store, she realized she had lost her purse and began frantically canceling her credit cards.

Shortly after Martin left the parking lot, a recent high school graduate, Adrian Rodriquez, 17, found her purse in the cart. Rodriguez searched the purse to look for an identification card to find where she lived so he could return it to her. He then drove over to the address on the identification card, where Melina Marquez, Martin's former roommate, currently lives.

Marquez wasn’t home so Rodriguez left the purse with a relative. Marquez later saw video of the drop-off on the family’s Ring doorbell camera.

“I looked into the Ring camera, and I was like, ‘Oh my God. He’s such a young kid.’ I was like, ‘We need to find him and just give him a little piece of gratitude.’” Marquez told NBC San Diego.

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