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Pre-K teacher stays in character while pretending someone is robbing his home and it's perfect

"Honey, I don't see your getaway car, are you sure they're coming to pick you up?"

He managed to get in ton of teacher-isms and also make it clear how little money he has.

Teachers deserve lots of kudos, but teachers who teach little kids deserve an extra measure of admiration.

I know this first hand, having been a middle and high school teacher who substitute taught a first-grade class once for two days. By noon on the first day, I found myself slumped over the teacher's desk in a daze while the kids were at lunch. Teaching tweens and teens isn't easy, but teaching little ones with their relentless needs and squirrel-like attention requires a whole other level of energy.

Pre-K? Can't even imagine. Give those teachers alllll the money. They deserve it.

Of course, preschool teachers do not get all the money, which is why a video from a Pre-K teacher pretending his house is getting robbed keeps going viral.

Mr. Williams, a teacher and therapist who goes by @mrwilliamsprek on Tiktok, created the video from the POV of a thief trying to rob his home. Williams leads the thief to his "valuables," and from the "You can use your words, I'll wait," to the "We're passing the potty, do you need to go?" to "Honey, I don't see your getaway car, are you sure they're coming to pick you up?" it's a non-stop parody of what Pre-K teachers actually say all day long.

The fact that he managed to get so many classic teacher-isms in while also making it clear how little he had to steal was brilliant, and his delivery is just delightful.



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People loved the skit, but it especially hit home for fellow teachers.

"My corporate coworkers forget that my masters is in education until I throw in an 'I'll wait' at them when I'm getting no participation in the team meeting," wrote one person.

"I was in K for 20 years and then did a career change. I work at a law firm now [and] when our clients from jail call with attitude, I go into teacher mode," wrote another.

"One of my old teacher coworkers actually made the two young men robbing her house sit on the couch and wait for the police," wrote another commenter.

"Another teacher I worked with came home to find men robbing her house and scolded them so hard they just apologized and left," shared another.

Don't try to rob teachers, man. They have no money AND they know how to get just about anybody to fall in line.

Find more of Mr. Williams' hilarity on Tiktok @mrwilliamsprek.