It May Look Like Advertising, But Look Closer And You'll See What It Really Is

For the past two years, artists across the United Kingdom have been doing something bold ... and illegal. They perform these "takeovers" where they remove existing advertisements from bus stops and replace them with messages that are non-sponsored and speak directly to the people who use the streets. It's not for promotion — the point is to take away just a couple lanes of corporate-driven communication and remind people to think about other, more important topics (and to think for themselves). Here are some of their messages. Enjoy.

A reminder to read your terms and conditions, by Ankles:

Some commentary on our hypocritical financial world, by Shift/Delete:

Don't forget that hashtags are just digital pixels, not real change, by Paul Insect:

Question how the products you consume are tested, by Hannah Adamaszek:

Drawing attention to the fracking in Spain, by Vinz Feel Free:

Letting folks know about the positive things you can do every day, by Know Hope:

And here's a video of the artists in action: