It May Look Like Advertising, But Look Closer And You'll See What It Really Is

For the past two years, artists across the United Kingdom have been doing something bold ... and illegal. They perform these "takeovers" where they remove existing advertisements from bus stops and replace them with messages that are non-sponsored and speak directly to the people who use the streets. It's not for promotion — the point is to take away just a couple lanes of corporate-driven communication and remind people to think about other, more important topics (and to think for themselves). Here are some of their messages. Enjoy.

A reminder to read your terms and conditions, by Ankles:

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BADASS WOMEN ALERT: How These Women Are Expressing Themselves In A War-Torn Country

Imagine living in a country undergoing war. The life is, without a doubt, hard — constant worries for the safety of your family, where you'll get your food from, and more. Imagine the effect this would have on your nerves and on your confidence in being able to accomplish your dreams. I am in awe of what the women in this video are doing. They are living their lives despite the hardship of their country, and it is inspiring to behold.

Churches, Organized Crime, And The NFL Are Pretty Similar When It Comes To One Thing

I'm a big football fan. But it shocked me when I found out that the NFL, which has no trouble making money, pays nothing in taxes (nor does any professional sports league). And it hasn't for the past 40 years. This organization has no trouble turning a profit thanks to lucrative TV rights, but taxpayers are getting burned by this one little clause in a 40-year old bill. Thankfully, some people are trying to change that.

FACT CHECK: The bill they discuss is not the latest one covering this issue. This bill, which was proposed in February 2014, is more recent. The NFL does make a ton of money, and it pays its executives a lot of money — money that should be taxed. If you think the free ride should end, sign this petition.


Guess What Food Source Will Feed Billions And Reclaim Land And Can Even Be Made Into Cookies

Some real talk: I love me some protein. Steak, chicken, pork — LOVE IT. But it takes hundreds of gallons of water to produce the meat we eat today, and we need millions of acres to raise these animals. This is not sustainable. I have been reading up on a particular food source that is literally everywhere, and the more I read (and eat), the more I'm intrigued. We need a better way to get the billions of people on this planet the protein they need to survive, I think this woman has a pretty neat approach to solving this problem.