Commit A Felony In America And You'll See Just How Much The Country Cares About You

First things first: There's no shortage of issues that contribute to America's prison system being what it is today. This video is a great primer on some of the problems, but it doesn't delve deep enough into the issues of race and poverty that also contribute to the U.S. having the most prisoners out of anywhere in the world. Still, this is a great little video that will provide some context for the mess that is our prison system. So much for "land of the free," huh?

FACT CHECK TIME! Here's what our fact checkers found:

  • The U.S. does, in fact, have about 25% of the world's incarcerated people. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world.
  • While the video says that 41% of juveniles and young adults have been arrested by the time they turn 23, we actually found that it's between 25% and 41%.
  • Yep, children as young as 13 have been sentenced to die in prison.
  • And solitary confinement? That's definitely considered torture under international law.