This little owl seems to be stuck between "I've totally got this!" and "Oh God, why?" and it's hilarious.

"So are we going to help him?" "If we don't ignore him, he'll just keep doing this." Photo by Tibor Kerccz/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

This image, one of a set captured by photographer Tibor Kerccz, isn't merely amusing. It beat out over 3,500 other entries from 86 different countries to be named the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards' grand winner.

So it's not just funny. It's officially funny.

The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards are the brainchild of two photographers: Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks, MBE. Created in partnership with Born Free, a U.K. animal rights and anti-poaching group, the awards are intended to raise conservation awareness while also letting people in on the softer, sillier side of nature.

This year's winners, including Kerccz's owls, were announced on Dec. 13.

Check out the rest below:

The "On The Land" category winner — Andrea Zampatti's "The Laughing Dormouse"

She just watched the aforementioned owl fall down. Photo by Andrea Zampatti/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The "In The Air" category winner — John Threlfall's "Duck Speed"

"Adorable dormouse photo? Turbo thrusters, ENGAGE!" Photo by John Threlfall/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

The "Under the Sea" category winner — Troy Mayne's "Slap"

"There's a magic zooming duck photo? Out of my way!" Photo by Troy Mayne/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Besides the four winners, the contest also highlighted a handful of "highly commended" photographs. Such as ...

Carl Henry's "All Dressed And Ready For Church"

They're going to go pray for that poor fish's face. Photo by Carl Henry/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Jean-Jacques Alcalay's "Animal Encounters"

The rest of the crowd were blocking her view of those penguins. Photo by Jean-Jacques Alcalay/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Katy Laveck-Foster's "Monkey-Escape"

"We're gonna be late to see the wildebeest!" "Hold on, I think I've got this." Photo by Katy Laveck-Foster/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Penny Palmer's "Cheering-Sea-Otter"

"Go little monkey dudes!" Photo by Penny Palmer/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Daisy Gilardini's "Hitching A Ride"

"Mom, is that a sea otter? Mom. MOM! Mom, are you looking? Mom, is that a sea otter?" Photo by Daisy Gilardini/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Daniel Trim's "Mudskippers Got Talent"

"Yeeeeeees, it's a sea otterrrrrrr." Photo by Daniel Trim/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Douglas Croft's "Must Have Three-putted"

He expresses his musical opinions very literally. Photo by Douglas Croft/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Bence Mate's "Caught In The Act"

"Nothing to see here." Photo by Bence Mate/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Olivier Colle's "Eh What's Up Doc?"

"Gasp!" Photo by Olivier Colle/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

George Cathcart's "WTF"

"Did you hear what Bernice saw?" Photo by George Cathcart/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

These hilarious awards are the perfect conservation pick-me-up.

Preserving nature is important, but the topic can be make for a pretty heavy discussion sometimes. I know there are only so many sad polar bear pictures I can look at in a day.

But I'll watch that owl fall down a million times before it gets old.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

When schools closed early in the spring, the entire country was thrown for a loop. Parents had to figure out what to do with their kids. Teachers had to figure out how to teach students at home. Kids had to figure out how to navigate a totally new routine that was being created and altered in real time.

For many families, it was a big honking mess—one that many really don't want to repeat in the fall.

But at the same time, the U.S. hasn't gotten a handle on the coronavirus pandemic. As states have begun reopening—several of them too early, according to public health officials—COVID-19 cases have risen to the point where we now have more cases per day than we did during the height of the outbreak in the spring. And yet President Trump is making a huge push to get schools to reopen fully in the fall, even threatening to possibly remove funding if they don't.

It's worth pointing out that Denmark and Norway had 10 and 11 new cases yesterday. Sweden and Germany had around 300 each. The U.S. had 55,000. (And no, that's not because we're testing thousands of times more people than those countries are.)

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