The next time someone says sexism isn't real, show them these shocking role-reversal images.

These images say it all. The first half of the video shows some pretty shocking "sexy" ads featuring women. The second half of the video replaces the women with men.

For decades, advertisers have portrayed women in demeaning, subservient, and often sexualized ways.

From ads that have used the "It's so easy, your mom could do it" line of thought to inexplicably sexualized looks at what a "real woman" does, the advertising industry's approach to women is dripping with misogyny.

Still, it all seems so normal.

But what happens when you flip the script? What happens when men re-create these same ads? As this video shows, not only does this look awkward, but it's even a bit silly.

Here's a look at one particularly sexist message that reinforces a stereotype about women's love for shoes. How does this look, though, when it's remade using a man with power tools? Still sexy?

This ad objectifies women in the worst way, suggesting that they can be bought with jewelry. This concept is outright demeaning. Would anyone ever do this to a man with a tool kit?

Check out the complete collection of men reenacting sexist advertising,

Trigger warning: This video contains some ads that depict scenes of domestic violence.

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