Grandma has first date in 25 years, so she does a GRWM.

There is nothing more nerve wracking and exciting than getting ready for your very first date with someone you're feeling smitten with. But imagine having been out of the dating pool for 25 years. You might be a little rusty and maybe a tad bit more nervous than you would've a quarter century ago.

But in the age of social media, when you're feeling a little nervous or excited before going somewhere, you can turn on your camera and invite thousands of your closest friends to get ready with you. That's exactly what this 93-year-old grandmother did before her first date in more than two decades. Lillian Droniak has gone viral before with her dating advice and rules for a funeral, but this time she's going viral for going on her first date with a man she met at bingo.

The grandma stood in front of the mirror in a tan dress with blue flowers on it as she invited her followers to get ready with her. She has clearly been taking notes from the younger creators on TikTok because she pulls off the GRWM—get ready with me—trend flawlessly, including the storytelling along the way.

"I'm getting nervous now. I met him at bingo and that's the way it goes. He's really handsome and I couldn't say no," Droniak admits before putting on lipstick. "I might kiss him, you never know."

At the end of the video, she shows the finished product and does a little twirl so you can get the full effect of the dress and reminds her followers that if her date doesn't like her outfit then he can leave.


i couldnt say no to a first date because its been too long and im not getting any younger

Of course, her followers wanted an update after her big date, and she delivered in a follow-up video. Unfortunately for the internet's favorite grandma, the date didn't go well and she will not be going out with him again. Grandma has high standards. Doesn't seem to be much of a concern for Droniak, since she's racked up over 8.9 million honorary internet grandchildren and she keeps them entertained with her shenanigans.

Watch her sassy update on the date below:


Replying to @neens3251 i keep looking out the window because im nervous hes gonna come back here