Step 1: Get Job. Step 2: Work Hard. Step 3: Receive Paycheck So Tiny Colbert Makes Fun Of It.

Doesn't it seem like getting a fast-food restaurant job comes with a nice, big slap in the face? You work hard, you deal with people who want their food 2.2 seconds after they order it, and THEN, you get your paycheck. And when I say paycheck, I mean you get a piece of paper with some very small numbers written on it. I wouldn't be so pissed off if these were mom 'n' pop joints, barely making ends meet, paying their employees small wages so they can keep their businesses open. But they’re not. These are hugegantic corporations that have gazillions of dollars. Couldn't they just pay their people a wee bit more? For Chrissake, is this really the American way?