If you don't let your partner do this in the bedroom, you might as well break up with them now.

After my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, we had to have the painful conversation about his funeral. His body had been ravaged by chemo and and weight loss, his skin hung a little lower on his face, and he was adamant that he not have a funeral at all. He was not a fan of people saying posthumous things about what an amazing man he was when most of the things he did in life were not that amazing (his words, not mine). At that point, all of us rolled our eyes at him, and as gallows humor is required when you are looking death in the eye, one of us responded: "No offense dad, but your funeral isn't for you. So suck it up." Which leads me to a video about why love is important in dark times. Brace yourselves — Jesse Parent is about to talk about farting. If you trust my judgment in any way, I urge you to withhold judgment till at least 1:40. Because this is beautiful.

Palliative care, something most people haven't heard of, can be key to a loved one having a peaceful end in their darkest hour. I'd learn about it. And I'd maybe Like Jesse on Facebook? And maybe share this?

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