Enjoy the world’s best specialty coffees without the guilt
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They say that even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all. And maybe that’s true. But we do not recommend testing this theory for yourself. Life is too short for bad coffee, especially when coffee subscription services make it easy to enjoy great coffee every day.

Want to take your coffee game to the next level? The best coffee subscriptions offer a wide selection of premium coffees, fast shipping, expert recommendations, customizable options, and easy cancellation or hold options.

Of course, there are a few different services that meet these criteria. But our favorite—and one you’ll find on just about every “best of” list out there—is Trade.

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Whether you’re new to specialty coffee or you’re a certified coffee nerd who enjoys cupping in your spare time, Trade has everything you could possibly want. Their team of experienced coffee industry experts tasted and handpicked a selection of over 450 different coffees, with every flavor profile imaginable, from 52 of the best artisanal roasters in the country.

If you already know what kind of coffee you’re into, you can use Trade’s plethora of filter options to create a customized subscription right from the get-go. However, if you want a little help from the pros, Trade has a really cool coffee quiz to help you get started. This quiz will ask you how you make your coffee, how you take it, what types of flavors and roasts you enjoy, and a few other pertinent questions. Then Taste will run your answers through its database to generate personalized coffee recommendations.

Once you’ve got your first recommendation and are ready to go, all you have to do is choose your shipment frequency, grind setting, and how many bags you’d like to receive. And that’s it. Unlike the stale stuff you buy at the grocery store, Trade won’t roast your coffee until you confirm your order, and it’s always promptly delivered to ensure optimal freshness.

Making A Difference One Cup At A Time

Image via Trade

The best part about Trade is that they don’t just sell amazing coffee. They also have an unrivaled commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices.

Trade only partners with small-batch roasters who are willing to take their “Roaster Pledge,” which prioritizes seasonality, quality control, variety, sustainability, and equity. When you buy your coffee from Trade, you are making a choice to support human connections over profits. You’re not supporting giant corporations, but small farms and businesses owned by and employ real people.

The impact of this choice is significant. In 2021 alone, Trade helped create or sustain over 100 local jobs, while their decision to switch to compostable shipping materials saved 85 tons of waste. On top of all that, Trade’s wide selection of fair trade, organic, and rainforest alliance coffees is helping the coffee industry become more sustainable.

At Trade, they’re on a mission to turn coffee drinkers into coffee lovers while also doing their part to make the world a better place. If that sounds like something you’d be into, click here to start your Trade coffee subscription today.

Meet Eva, the hero dog who risked her life saving her owner from a mountain lion

Wilson had been walking down a path with Eva when a mountain lion suddenly appeared.

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A sweet face and fierce loyalty: Belgian Malinois defends owner.

The Belgian Malinois is a special breed of dog. It's highly intelligent, extremely athletic and needs a ton of interaction. While these attributes make the Belgian Malinois the perfect dog for police and military work, they can be a bit of a handful as a typical pet.

As Belgian Malinois owner Erin Wilson jokingly told NPR, they’re basically "a German shepherd on steroids or crack or cocaine.”

It was her Malinois Eva’s natural drive, however, that ended up saving Wilson’s life.

According to a news release from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Wilson had been walking down a path with Eva slightly ahead of her when a mountain lion suddenly appeared and swiped Wilson across the left shoulder. She quickly yelled Eva’s name and the dog’s instincts kicked in immediately. Eva rushed in to defend her owner.

It wasn’t long, though, before the mountain lion won the upper hand, much to Wilson’s horror.

She told TODAY, “They fought for a couple seconds, and then I heard her start crying. That’s when the cat latched on to her skull.”

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Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy asked his Senate colleagues the questions millions of Americans have after a mass shooting.

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The fact that I can say "this time" is enraging, but that's the routine nature of mass shootings in the U.S. It happened in Texas this time. At least three adults were killed this time. The shooter was a teenager this time.

The details this time may be different than the last time and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that. But there's one thing all mass shootings have in common. No, it's not mental illness. It's not racism or misogyny or religious extremism. It's not bad parenting or violent video games or lack of religion.

Some of those things have been factors in some shootings, but the single common denominator in every mass shooting is guns. That's not a secret. It's not controversial. It's fact. The only thing all mass shootings have in common is guns.

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Come for the food, stay for the wholesomeness.

Summer Clayton is the father of 2.4 million kids and he couldn’t be more proud. His TikTok channel is dedicated to giving people intimate conversations they might long to have with their own father, but can’t. The most popular is his “Dinner With Dad” segment.

The concept is simple: Clayton, aka Dad, always sets down two plates of food. He always tells you what’s for dinner. He always blesses the food. He always checks in with how you’re doing.

I stress the stability here, because as someone who grew up with a less-than-stable relationship with their parents, it stood out immediately. I found myself breathing a sigh of relief at Clayton’s consistency. I also noticed the immediate emotional connection created just by being asked, “How was your day?” According to relationship coach and couples counselor Don Olund, these two elements—stability and connection—are fundamental cravings that children have of their parents. Perhaps we never really stop needing it from them.

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