BREAKING: Romney Struck With Tragic Affliction. Obama Suspends Campaign To Help Find A Cure?

In a shocking discovery today, President Obama was able to recognize and diagnose Mitt Romney with this tragic illness. There's a cure, but I don't think he'll like it very much.

At :54, Dr. Obama makes a startling diagnosis. At 1:54, he explains one of the clearest signs one might have this tragic affliction. At 2:30, he makes some smart recommendations for checking the severity of the disease. At 2:50, Obama shows signs of maybe being afflicted himself? At 3:28, he announces the most IMPORTANT TREATMENT PLAN EVER. I usually require a second opinion before accepting a diagnosis, but he seems to have really got his symptoms laid out well.

Well played, Mr. President, well played. Now fix this before you get infected too.