Beyoncé has human struggles. I don't know what prompted this video, but I'm glad she shares what she's learned.

Oh, wow. Not only is this visually stunning, but she waxes philosophical about some lessons in life a lot of us can relate to. And on top of that, she demonstrates the concept of being able to be a mother AND a whole, complex, multifaceted person at the same time. There's a reason she has the love of legions.

Of course, her life is much different than many of ours. Yes, she can have anything she wants or needs at her fingertips. But she's keeping it real about the struggles of being human, and there is likely a nugget of wisdom or two that any of us can walk away with from this stunning video.

You can't put your finger on who she is because even she can't put her finger on who she is.

That share button down there is for empowering messages like these because more people should be thinking about her points.