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Female comedian's joke about about a date with 'guy's guy' goes right over the head of Fox News

"I felt the feminism leaving my body."

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When the joke doesn't land, but that makes it even better.

Back in December of 2023, LA-based, progressive comedian Madi Hart made a joke that went viral in the most unlikely of places: right wing media.

Here’s what happened: Hart had just been on a date with someone she described as a “guy’s guy,” who incidentally paid for everything on said date. In a TikTok clip, Hart joked that because of that, she joked "I felt the feminism leaving my body,” based on a long running conservative meme.

Apparently conservatives on Twitter missed the memo that Hart wasn’t actually serious about abandoning her feminist values. Cue a comedy of errors way more hilarious than the initial joke itself.

As Hart explained in a follow-up video, her original TikTok soon became the subject of analyzation on the “Matt Walsh Show,” where the staunch right-wing host noted that if Hart was willing to give up feminism in order to have things paid for, she needed to “be willing to play her part” in being a “feminine women that a masculine man desires.”

female comedian fox news, fox news

Hart could not believe her joke was being taken seriously.


But that was just the beginning. Pretty soon Hart was featured on Republican think pieces that labeled her as ‘progressive ‘artsy’ woman” and “smitten lib chick” who dated one “guy’s guy” and was now “ready to swear off feminism and dating liberals,” marking it as a victory to the patriarchy. Yes, really.

Hart then admitted that the real insult in all this was being called a “self-proclaimed comedian” several times.

“I make money from this! I’m a proclaimed comedian!” she quipped.

Of course, it didn’t stop there. There were also countless tweets of this nature:

And then, to top things off, Hart’s video made it to Fox News. How did she find this out? Her estranged Republican father called to congratulate her.

Giggling and asking “why is this on national news?” Hart played the segment where host Jesse Waters shared the clip. She explained that apparently a “dating analyst” was brought on to discuss whether masculinity was, in fact, “dead or not.”

But wait, there’s one more thing. Hart concluded her video by sharing, "In my TikTok, I say that I'm bisexual and most of my extended family did not know that I was bisexual. They all saw the clip because they all watch Fox News every night. So that is also how I came out to my entire extended family. Via Fox News."

“Okay but coming out on national news is actually so iconic,” one person reassured in the comments.

Watch the full video below. And kudos to Hart for sharing all this ridiculousness while wearing a shirt of herself on Fox News. Please sell those at shows.

@madihart_soccer Fox News is so UNSERIOUS 😭 #storytime #grwm #single #situationship #foxnews #bisexual #comingout #relationshipstorytime ♬ original sound - Madi Hart

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Hart argued that the driving factor behind this peak comedy situation “comes down to an oversimplified, and overly-individualistic, perception of what feminism even is,” adding, “who buys who a drink has literally nothing to do with feminism. But if conservatives expanded their idea of what feminism is, they would have to expand their idea of who the patriarchy harms, and they're not ready for that conversation.”

Maybe not. But in the meantime, who says we can’t have a good laugh?

Following Hart on TikTok and Instagram could help with that. Just remember, she’s probably joking!

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