What You Need To Know About How Your Cable Company Screws You In 2 Infographics And 1 Funny Clip

Chances are, your Internet service provider is Comcast or Time Warner Cable. So you should be more than a little nervous that Comcast made a bid to buy Time Warner in February 2014. Bad customer service is just one symptom of a huge problem called "media consolidation."

It's easy to get angry at the customer service representative, but a recent report shows that the employees hate it too. They play hardball because if they don't, they get fired.

Still, bad customer service is just the beginning of why the Comcast-TWC merger is bad for customers. It's also going to cost you tons of money.

What's the likelihood that you can choose from all the providers above? Almost zero. It was basically impossible for the researchers to compare rates for one geographic area. Why? Because of the map below.

Even people who ditch cable altogether and stick with online content providers like Netflix and Hulu are in for it. Think about it — you have to get your Internet from somewhere.