Shawn Triplett is raising money to make sure kids impacted by the tornado in Mayfield, KY have the best Christmas they can.

When a historic tornado ripped through the town of Mayfield, Kentucky earlier this month, it left utter devastation in its wake. Drone footage of the damage reveals an apocalyptic scene, with much of the town completely flattened. It's a level of destruction that's difficult to fathom, much less to live through.

The tornadoes hit eight states, with most of the damage in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky. (The National Weather Service has confirmed 66 tornadoes from December 10 and 11, including the Mayfield tornado, which alone spanned a path of 165 miles.) Thankfully, people of goodwill have rallied around those in locations along the path of the tornadoes.

One of those people of goodwill is a retired U.S. Marine named Shawn Triplett. He's from Mayfield himself, but told CNN he was in Chicago when the tornado hit. He's served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and said what he saw in the tornado aftermath was worse than a war zone.

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