You may remember this really popular TV show from the '90s called "Boy Meets World" featuring Ben Savage as the titular "Boy," Cory Matthews. Even though "Boy Meets World" is now over, Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World" continued the saga in 2014 with Cory as a grown man, happily married to Topanga, raising their children together.

And boy, has Cory grown up all these years. He's filling Mr. Feeny's shoes and giving strong words of advice to his daughter (also one of his students) — who's, er, going through an identity crisis and taking her fashion cues from a Japanese subculture called Harajuku.

Anyway, I'll leave you to it. Thumbs-up for Cory.

So, you might ask, does that mean wearing something from a culture that's not yours is disrespectful? Well, the answer's not that simple. But we should all remember that what might be a costume or a fad for you is something other people cherish and might pass on to their children.

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