Brilliant Rapper Lupe Fiasco Embarrasses Bill O'Reilly On His Own Show

I love this interview for lots of reasons, but the most transparent thing I see is Bill O'Reilly's blatant disregard and disrespect for an alternative point of view. I think O'Reilly heard that "a rapper was calling the America a terrorist nation," and he figured that since Lupe Fiasco was a black hip-hop artist, he would be a laughably easy debate opponent. Even in this highly edited clip, Fiasco brings up some complex points including passionately denouncing the U.S. foreign policy of launching full-scale wars in other countries (an action viewed by millions as terroristic). O'Reilly doesn't even seem to hear this point and [2:49] simultaneously offers a demonstrably fake talking point while insulting Fiasco's intelligence. This is the epitome of the problem with mainstream 'news' shows. They're not about "news," they're not about listening, they're about point scoring and agendas.

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