When You Confuse 1 Canadian Dude With 180,000 Hispanic People, You Might Be Kinda Sorta Racist

So, a certain U.S. Supreme Court justice recently and despicably suggested that keeping Martin Luther King Jr.'s hard-won Voting Rights Act around would amount to "racial entitlement." The guy who made this video researches election theft for a living and knows why that justice is wrong — and maybe a wee bit racist, too.

At 0:37, we learn Karl Rove doesn't like people who wear sunglasses. It's pretty sunny in Alabama, though.
At 1:51, it turns out the narrator is on a first-name basis with MLK.
At 2:51, we meet a nice guy who the State randomly decided couldn't vote.
At 3:34, Mr. Palast blows Justice Scalia's mind by suggesting that voter discrimination can happen even if it's not essentially about race.
At 4:38, you'll agree that the difference between 180,000 and "almost 100" is a pretty conspicuous discrepancy.
At 5:50, we learn what's at stake. And while you might think that it makes perfect sense that more Hispanic people would be suspected of voting illegally, what with the immigration thing and all, at 6:20, you'll know how wrong you are.
At 7:18, a woman in prison stripes knows her rights.
At 9:10, you'll learn what the state of California considers to be an "unusual name." Guess which radical, socialist, racial-entitlement-promoting president did something about it.
At 12:28, everyone breaks into song.
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