Wyatt Miller


This Rapper Can Brag About Being Arrested. Because He Was Arrested For Doing Something Really Good.

Yes, that's actually what rap music is like in Minnesota. (Also: Wisconsin.)

In all seriousness, Brother Ali has been blowing up Minnesota stereotypes and fighting injustice everywhere for a long time. Check out his work fighting alongside families facing eviction from foreclosed homes here.


These Christians Are Advocating The Government Do Something, And I'm Actually Not Outraged. At All.

If you're surprised a bunch of Christians made this video, you probably shouldn't be.


The Most Powerful People In The World Actually Believe This One Really Awful Thing

Turns out, if you say just a little too directly what capitalism actually is, it comes out sounding pretty bad.


Meet The Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Who Has Been Jailed For Years Without A Trial — In The U.S.?!

After nearly three years, we finally get to hear the sound of Bradley Manning's voice.

Here's the audio of his full statement: