She Didn't Know Why Her Teachers Were So Mean. Now, As An Adult, The Reason Makes Her Cry.

There are several really inspiring stories in here about the woman the world knows as Beyoncé's mom. From childhood scars (at 5:22) to economic security, entrepreneurship and working families (13:19) to bouncing back after a painful divorce (17:56), there are definitely some super-real life lessons that we all can benefit from (including how not to film a video when using a cell phone — be forewarned).I hate to get all meta, but the best story of all is that we even get to hear her story in the first place. She's more than someone's mom or someone's ex-wife. She's a strong, wise woman with something to say. And her being confident enough to finally say it is pretty great.

She Didn't Know Why Her Teachers Were So Mean. Now, As An Adult, The Reason Makes Her Cry.
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This story was originally shared on Capital One.

Inside the walls of her kitchen at her childhood home in Guatemala, Evelyn Klohr, the founder of a Washington, D.C.-area bakery called Kakeshionista, was taught a lesson that remains central to her business operations today.

"Baking cakes gave me the confidence to believe in my own brand and now I put my heart into giving my customers something they'll enjoy eating," Klohr said.

While driven to launch her own baking business, pursuing a dream in the culinary arts was economically challenging for Klohr. In the United States, culinary schools can open doors to future careers, but the cost of entry can be upwards of $36,000 a year.

Through a friend, Klohr learned about La Cocina VA, a nonprofit dedicated to providing job training and entrepreneurship development services at a training facility in the Washington, D.C-area.

La Cocina VA's, which translates to "the kitchen" in Spanish, offers its Bilingual Culinary Training program to prepare low-and moderate-income individuals from diverse backgrounds to launch careers in the food industry.

That program gave Klohr the ability to fully immerse herself in the baking industry within a professional kitchen facility and receive training in an array of subjects including culinary skills, food safety, career development and English language classes.

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