Like We Need Another Expensive American Girl Doll. On Second Thought, We Do...

When I was younger, my grandparents gifted me a few American Girl dolls for my birthday and Christmas. I loved them very much. In fact, 25 years later, I still have them. How fortunate for me that I had dolls that reflected my physical attributes. It's meaningful for many children to have dolls that look like them. This darling 10-year-old girl is making a completely reasonable request. Let's help her out!

Shang has Charcot-Marie-Tooth, which is a form of muscular dystrophy. "For once, I don’t want to be invisible or a side character that the main American Girl has to help," she explains in her petition. "I want other girls to know what it’s like to be me, through a disabled American Girl’s story." Click over to sign the petition if you'd like to see her dream come true.